Serpamia Flare can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and also has a mirror on DeviantArt, with a full archive and gallery over here, and a mirror Tapastic over here. I also have a tumblr under my handle rufiangel.

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If you guys want to pop out of this space into another time-consuming spot, I recommend any of the following places. They're not in any particular order and it's certainly not an exhaustive list, but just throwin' them out there. :)

As a side-note, if you want to see my comments on each link, just hover your mouse above and some alt-text should appear to let you know my two Bronzes~ :D


Abby Normal

The Black Brick Road of Oz

Black Gate:INTS

Calliandra Cloak



From Dust to Ruination

Shaking Off Sorcery

Heart of Keol

I Killed the Hero?!



The Wolf at Weston Court

Serpents of Old

Two Hearts

Twilight Trust

Twenty-four Seven

Immigrant (NSFW)



Wake the Sleepers

Megan Kearney's Beauty and the Beast

Wastelanders Anonymous

May The Rain Come


Commander Kitty

Kid Radd

Girls with Slingshots



Wapsi Square

Johnny Wander

Octopus Pie

Table Titans

Crit Juice (not a comic, but hilarious)

And in case anyone wonders: none of these are link trades. I'm just recommending what I personally read!

Serpamia Flare is also on The Webcomic List:  The Webcomic List This isn't a ranking achieved through voting, by the way!